Conference summary

RubyWorld Conference is the largest business conference in Japan for the programming language Ruby.

We hope that it will be an opportunity to think about the diffusion and growth of ruby in terms of how it fits into and penetrates the diverse real world, and aims to further spread and develop Ruby and promote business use. By transmitting information on advanced use cases, the latest technology trends, and the situation of developer education, we will hold the event as a place to learn about the ecosystem of Ruby.


2023 November 9 (Thu) - 10 (Fri)


International Conference Hall (3F) and Large Exhibition Hall (1F), Shimane Prefectural Convention Center "Kunibiki Messe"


5000yen fee (Registration is required in advance to attend.)


Executive Committee for RubyWorld Conference
Ruby Association / Shimane Prefectural Government / Matsue Municipal Government / Shimane University / Matsue College of Technology / JETRO Matsue / Shimane Industrial Promotion Foundation / Shimane Information Technology Industry Association / Open Source Software Society Shimane / METI Chugoku (Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Keynote speakers


30 Years of Ruby

Yukihiro Matsumoto

Ruby Association

Video and material

A decade in Ruby community

Mayumi Emori

KCS Carrot Corp.
Operating officer

Video and material


International Conference Hall (3F)

Large Exhibition Hall (1F)

simultaneous interpretation

There will be simultaneous interpretation at the lecture in international Conference Hall.


We provide the following services (some may require advance registration)


Childcare services are available free of charge. We will accept up to 10 people each day (first-come, first-served basis). Detailed information and application instructions will be provided on this website.

Tea Ceremony

You can enjoy matcha and traditional Japanese sweets. Matsue City, the hosting location, is famous for its matcha and traditional Japanese sweets.

Reception (fee required)

A reception party will be held after the conclusion of the program on the first day.Please submit your application during the registration process.


The program for Day 1 and Day 2.

  • Time
  • 09:00
    Registration starts
  • 10:30
    Opening Ceremony
    Opening Greetings:
    Yukihiro Matsumot Chairperson of Executive Committee
    Tatsuya Maruyama Governor of Shimane Prefecture
    Akihito Uesada Mayor of Matsue City
    Guest Greetings:
    Hirotaka Ogawa Planning Officer Software and Information Service Industry Strategy Office Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI
  • 11:00
    Keynote Address-1 30 Years of Ruby
    Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby Association/Chairman
  • 12:00
    Lunch Time / Short presentation
  • 13:00
    Ruby Prize 2023 Award
  • 13:50
    A-1-1 Bandai Namco Studio's use of Ruby in smartphone titles and re-examination of infrastructure following the abolition of AWS Opsworks.
    Hiroaki Iwase Bandai Namco Studios Inc./Lead Engineer
  • 14:10
    A-1-2 Ruby interpreter running inside Intel SGX enclave
    Hiroyuki Yamaji
  • 14:30
    A-1-3 High Speed Parsing Massive XML in Ruby
    Tetsuya Hirota Dogrun Inc./CTO
  • 14:50
    A-1-4 Practicing Internet-Based Political Parties in Taiwan Using Ruby
    Mu-Fan Teng 5xRuby Co., Ltd./CEO
  • 15:05
    Coffee Break / Short presentation
  • 15:35
    Ruby biz Grand prix 2023 Award-winning company speech
  • 16:15
    A-2-1 RBS Tutorial
    Masataka Kuwabara Money Forward, Inc.
  • 16:35
    A-2-2 ERB Hacks
    Masatoshi Seki Canon Medical Systems corp./Principal Engineer
  • 16:55
    A-3 Concurrent and Parallel Programming on Ruby
    Koichi Sasada STORES, Inc./Engineer
  • 17:35
    A-4 Passwordless Authentication by Ruby/WebAuthn
    Keiko Itakura Medley, Inc./Head of Security
  • 18:30
  • Time
  • 09:00
    Registration starts
  • 10:00
    Second day Opening Greetings
    Shugo Maeda Executive Director of Executive Committee
  • 10:15
    Keynote Address-2 A decade in Ruby community
    Mayumi Emori KCS Carrot Corp./Operating officer
  • 11:30
    Ruby sponsor sessions
  • 12:00
    Lunch Time / Short presentation
  • 13:00
    B-1 Overcoming embedded challenges: a new API reference for mruby and mruby/c that unleashes the reality and possibilities revealed by company hearings.
    Hiromasa Ishii Specified Non-Profit Organisation mruby Forum/Deputy Director of the Secretariat
    Hirohito Higashi Shimane IT Open-Innovation Center/Resercher
  • 13:40
    B-2 ICT-enabled “advance pharmacistʼs work” in the Department of Pharmacy - Automatic calculation of work schedules using cloud services built with Ruby on Rails -
    Nobuyuki Muroi Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital/Director of Pharmacy Department
    Masaki Hirabatake Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital/Vice Manager
  • 14:20
    B-3-1 OSS education at programming schools
    Masaki Komagata Lokka Inc./CEO
  • 14:40
    B-3-2 24/7 AI Support for Ruby/Rails Education: Effective Learning Techniques with LLM
    Yohei Yasukawa YassLab Inc./CEO
  • 15:00
    B-3-3 Enhancing Learning Experiences with Real-Time Advice Tool RuboSensei
    Kuniaki Igarashi GarnetTech373, Inc./CEO
  • 15:15
    Coffee Break / Short presentation
  • 15:45
    B-4 A Practice of Programming education using Smalruby and mruby/c in Matz-ba-gani Robot Contest
    Yumi Tanabe National Institute of Technology, Matsue College Alumna
    Ko-ichiro Sugiyama National Institute of Technology, Matsue College/Professor
  • 16:20
    Closing Ceremony
    Hiroshi Inoue Vice Chairperson of Executive Committee



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for RubyWorld Conference.

Yes, we will be livestreaming on YouTube on the day. Viewing is free.
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*Registration is closed as of October 13th.
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